How to adjustment?
The preparation for receiving fish.

You must have a pond and all equipments. The water in the pond must be clean, non chlorine and no any chemicals.
2. The pond should be at the safe place, no sunlight and rain.

When you receive the fish, you must check the temperature of water in the bag and the water in your ponds. And also check the PH too.

If the temperature is quite close (not different more than 1 celcius), you have to float the fish bag in the pond.

It takes about 30 minutes, and please checks the water temperature again. The water temperature in the bag and pond must be the same.

After that, you have to open the bag, put some water in the pond into the bag gradually, to adjust fish condition to be in the pond.

7. It takes about 10 minutes. And then you can let the fish into the pond.

After you take the fish into the pond about 1 hour, you should take some salt into the pond. (Salt 100 gram : Water 100 Liter)
9. Leave the fish peacefully. Don't disturb them. Don't feed them and don't change the water.
Don't give them any medicines into the water, because Boss Rachu fish is so healthy, no disease.
About 1 day later, the fish might be a little stupefied. Do not worry. They will get well within 3 days.

If the fish is very stupefied, take more salt into the pond (Salt 300 gram : Water 100 Liter). And don't feed them until they are better.

When the fish is better, they will find some food. Give them a little food. You should feed them already cooked food. Don't feed them fresh food, and closely observe them after they ate.
After you let the fish into the pond 10 days, if there are any problems, you can feed them as usual.

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