Boss Introduction

I would like to introduce you BOSS RANCHU, one of the biggest importer and exporter of goldfish in Thailand. It's name is derived from the name of the owner PORNCHAI WALEESUKSAN(Mr.). You can call me "Mr.BOSS", that is my nickname. I'm very pleasured to have a chance to introduce you my business and offer you highly proud "Goldfish (or "Kingyo" in Japanese) - Ranchu and Tosakin.

BOSS RANCHU has run the goldfish business for over 10 years with breeding experience more than 8 years. BOSS RANCHU's goldfish are imported directly from Japan, for examples, Hamamatsu and Toyohashi (Shizuoka Prefecture), Yatomi and Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture), Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kochi and Okayama.

I (Mr.Boss) have been to Japan and visited a lot of famous breeders and their farms every year. I have visited the greatest Ranchu Contest in the world, that is the "ALL JAPAN RANCHU CONTEST" in 2001-3 and 2006-7 in Japan. And I also visited the "ALL JAPAN TOSAKIN CONTEST"in 2002. Confidently, I am the only "non-Japanese" who obtains this kind of record. You might know that the "excellent" Japanese goldfish are very hard to buy. Fortunately, I can create strong friendships and networks with breeders all around Japan. I have spent a long time to make them "trust" and "believe" in me, which the important way is HONESTY and SINCERITY in the business. I also regularly won the national contest in Thailand.

Nowadays, BOSS RANCHU is one of the biggest importers and exporter of goldfish (kingyo) in Thailand. All the imported goldfish are always needed by customers, both in Thailand and in other countries. All fish are often sold so quickly once a selling day is announced. Certainly, in Thailand, no imported goldfish lovers would not know BOSS RANCHU. Because our goldfish are in "high quality" and "good health". In addition, I have been breeding them by not using any medicine, but natural ways that I have learned from Japanese breeders. Certainly, BOSS RANCHU's goldfish can be guaranteed in its BEAUTY and HEALTH.

Not only the Thailand's market, we also export the goldfish to SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA , U.S.A and many other countries. Owning to our superior experiences in import and export, they never had a problem. We can offer you both "imported Ranchu from Japan", and "bred Ranchu in Thailand" which bred from imported high-quality father and mother ranchu from Japan. Besides, I have succeeded in breeding "Tosakin" by myself several years ago, which are always not enough for the demand of the customers at the present. Anyone who wants to purchase Tosakin is required to make a reservation in advance.


I always choose 2 years old (or higher) Ranchu and Tosakin to be father and mother fish with high quality for seeding only. Consequently, the goldfish are guaranteed for its high quality and prospect to grow to be the beautiful ones. For your information, I spend my time in every December for breeding "Ranchu" and "Tosakin". Therefore, if you want the best Ranchu and Tosakin, please contact us around February to October. It is the golden time of purchasing.
Then, from Noverber to January, I can offer high-quality Ranchu from famous farms in Thailand. Surely, as mentioned earlier, I will focus only on the farms, which use father and mother fish imported from Japan, and select the best goldfish by myself. You can ensure about their quality and price.

For "Tosakin", I'm proud as the best breeder of Tosakin in Thailand, always providing good Tosakin for the customers. There are, hence, numerous orders sent to me both in Thailand and other countries every year. I expand the number of ponds for Tosakin every year too. For anyone who would like to purchase "Tosakin of Boss Bloodline", please do not forget to reserve them in advance. The delivery schedule of "Black Baby or 2-month fish" will be around from March to May.

The high-class Black Baby Tosakin costs about 1,500.- to 2,000.- Baht (@fish) (Only 20 high-class fish can be provided per one order.) Grade AAA Tosakin is about 1,200.- Baht (@fish)(only 50 AAA fish can be provided per one order) Grade AA Tosakin is at least 800.- Baht (@fish)(only 100 AA fish can be provided per one order) The price is very reasonable! The total cost will depend on the grade and the total amount of your order, as well.

Making an order (including a reservation) at BOSS RANCHU is not so difficult. Just write an email and send it to: or
We will reply you promptly! You can contact us in Thai or English language.
Please inform us "what kind of fish", "the size" (the length from mouth to tail), "the fish grade" and "the amount of order" you require. Please do not forget to provide your contact: your name/surname, address, telephone number, Airport and email address in details. After receive your requirement, BOSS RANCHU will respond to you promptly.

Mr.Fukami and Mr.Boss

Furthermore, you can look at the pictures of goldfish in this website at "Picture of Goldfish" page. We will regularly upload the pictures of newly-arrival goldfish, categorized by the name of the breeder, with the code included under the picture. You can confirm with us about the availability and the price of the goldfish you require by quoting the code number(s).
In the case of export to a country outside Thailand, before delivering, we will spend a couple of days in arranging the goldfish for its best condition, stop feeding food, and take them to a veterinarian for health diagnosis. We can prepare a formal "Health Certificate" for you upon request. As a result, you can be sure that the fish you are going to receive are not infected any diseases, and being in the best condition. In addition, we also guarantee the health of delivered fish for "24 hours" (from loading on the plane until arrive at the destination).
Beside, we also provide several kinds of goldfish "foods" which are selected as the most suitable foods for Ranchu and Tosakin, as well as relevant "equipments". All of these foods and equipments are also imported directly from Japan, and guaranteed their quality.

Shopoing Kawaguchi' Shop
Mr.Naitoh (Yatomi) and Mr.Boss
Mr.Kinoshita and Mr.Boss
Mr.Omatsu (Asumi) and Mr.Boss
Mr.Sugiura and Mr.Boss
Mr.Akira Naitoh and Mr.Boss
Mr.Suzuki Shouko and Mr.Boss
Mr.Narita and Mr.Boss
Mr.Kawai Shisuoka (Michima) and Mr.Boss
Mr.Suzuki Kazuo and Mr.Boss
Mr.Ogai and Mr.Boss
Mr.Nihashi and Mr.Boss
Mr.Takaaki Kawai and Mr.Boss
Mr.kakeyama and Mr.Boss
Mr. ijima and Mr.Boss
Mr.Yuuji Yamada and Mr.Boss
Mr.Shirakawa and Mr.Boss
Mr. Takeuchi and Mr.Boss
Mr.Masahiko Kashino and Mr.Boss
Mr.kato and Mr.Boss
Contest in Japan

For each order, please transmit the money to the following bank account. Once the receipt of money is confirmed, the goldfish will be delivered to you as schedule. (Please understand that this is our norm.)


127-4-40000-9 SAVING ACCOUNT
Swift Code :
After the money is transmitted, it will take about 7-10 days in preparing the delivery, which we will inform you its schedule accordingly.
You can contact BOSS RANCHU at or
We can receive an email in Thai or English language. For Japanese language, please send to:

Certainly, you can visit our farm at "Bpss Ranchu Naraphirom" (see the map in this website), opened from Tuesday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 -16:00 p.m. To be sure, please give us a call to make an appointment before visiting.

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9/7 Moo 2 Naraphirom Village, Taweewattana-Kanjanaphisek Road, Kwang Taweewattana, Khet Taweewattana Bangkok 10170 THAILAND

66-(0)-81832-1922 (Mobile)

Please feel free to contact BOSS RANCHU. We are always very delight to serve you.